Tuesday, 20 December 2011

~face it!

You got to admit that sometimes it's better to leave things to be unknown, especially the sensitive ones.
What's the point to bring it up if argument is the only consequences?
Sometimes, there wouldn't have any solutions for the demm problem no matter how hard, how often u voiced it up due to some stupid complicated it is.

i do care about anything happen to him.
even if he was in a seriously bad mood.
what i know is to be silence.
coz silence is the best thing to do. i wanna shut down the flames.
but does he know?
yess, silence is a girl's loudest cry.

not everyday is a lovey dovey super duper sun shining day.
There might be raining days too. & maybe some thunder storms?
YEA, it is. So, face it!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

~enough ::

kudos to my boyfriend for making me paranoid about ranting everything about my life online since according to him, people now will go through things you put online and can and might use it against you.
but screw it.
am tell anyway.
Now,i need a lil change
for not write anything in facebook
yess, i will :)

there is a reason why u can't whining over about your life in facebook.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

~ini cuma perasaan.

setiap titis air matakutelah kuberikan untuk kisahkumengerti tapi tak dimengertisetiap kata dari bibirkukadang tak sama dalam hatikutersenyum dalam hati menangisaku sangat mengenalmuaku juga cintaimu..tapi kau tak pernah ada pengertianku senang,ku sedihkau tak mau tahuaku sangat mengenalmudulu kau tak begitukau bintang di hatikujadilah yang kumauku senang,ku sedihkau ada denganku

adaptasi dari lagu agnes monica :) hihiiiii

Sunday, 1 May 2011

~happy labour day!

owh soooo in holiday. bestnyew
lets screaming together geng...

(tapp! sipi2 kpala aku kena baling dgn pen tp kena meja..haha:)
carm: woit, kau mane ade cuti. kau bukan labour.
me: erh, tak de eh. (sengeh :x)
carm: senget la kau. kau student. pg study sana. nex week exam.
me: lorh, bosan buku je. kite x da happy student day ke?
carm: hari2 student day utk kau.

ok, then aku g study... perli sgt kan carm. study ni.
study mukabuku.
my parent must be pround of me, kalo facebook itu was a subject in U. aku pasti dapat empat rata every sem. hehe :)
btw, facebook tak sesuai dgn i time exam. so mari deactivate fb.
utk empat rata sem ini.
owh...empat rata :)

tp korg still leh contact aku by twitter. MazniMaisya
sama jea. x on fb tp on tweet.

utk semua pkerja, slamat hari pkerja.
get a full rest then tingkatkan produktiviti demi negara terchenta...

Saturday, 23 April 2011

~when movie hit right on your face. demmit.

just finish watching a short film by Wong Fu Production titled Strangers.
"while we always hope for the best, we often can't avoid the inevitable'

and it hit right on my face.

You and I,
began as a strangers,
You became my life,
and we become strangers, again.

For me,
whether its taking each other for granted
or people changing all the time,
the bottom line is, someone STOP trying.
everything that we wanna make it work,
it didn't work...
I am accepting the truth that sometimes life isn't unfair.